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Peter Strayer

Effective acts, 

Efficient business.

Is your experience of success one of being a 'problem magnet'?  Have you achieved amazing heights with your business and yet feel something is 'off' or something important is missing?

The good news is this can all change.  There's more for you. New levels of growth and awareness.  Being stuck will be a thing of the past.  You have new depths to plumb and new vistas to discover.

Whether retaining services, joining a Mastermind group or applying for personal coaching, Pete Strayer will work directly with you and your team to uncover potential you may not have known existed.

Today is the day. Power to change is in. your hands here and now.  Contact us today for a free consultation.


In this groundbreaking program of personal and professional growth, Peter will lead you through a professional and personally nourishing (and challenging) combination of insights, activities, reflection and ground-breaking techniques - all of which lead to the practice of "virtue manifesting itself in action". Phronesis is truly a game-changer for any business enterprise or may be used as a program for personal growth.


Too many times, the story behind the success is littered with patterns of frustration, broken lives, broken promises and lost opportunities.  ALTAR EGO will change the way you interpret your world and then build a foundation of effective, strategic and yet, entirely self-aware communication. This will lead to the pure power of influence borne of the insights learned when ego gives way to something and someone greater.


Why is the idea of balance so easy to understand and yet so hard to practice? In a world of extremes, where maximum effort is prescribed as the unassailable avenue to breakthrough, Peter presents an alternative where balance takes the form of concentrated bursts of effective, strategic action buffered with 'peace zones' where re-charging the soul takes precedence and long-term, deep endurance emerges as a secret weapon to personal and business success.


This is a unique program designed to give power and permanence to incremental improvement. With weekly assignments and exercises, Peter re-frames and contextualizes the motif of 10, using paradigm shifts, each with a menu of 10 practical changes to take your business and personal performance to new heights. 


In the summer of 2022, Peter will partner with Financial and Personal Coaching guru and best-selling author Tony Bradshaw to form two Mastermind groups.  These limited-membership groups will be life-changing, powerful forums for business and personal transformation. Space will be limited to 12 participants in each to give maximum focus and efficacy. Those interested are encouraged to contact us. Due to the limited space, you may be placed on a waiting list for future groups.


With a limited number of openings, Peter offers individual coaching to select individuals in order to condense and amplify customized offerings based on his 4 programs.  If you're interested, please reach out and we'll get back to you ASAP on getting started.

Programs & Products

Marketing Audit  with Interpretation, Actionable Recommendations

Strategic Advisor: Marketing & Public Relations 

Content: Design, Analysis, Strategy & Execution

Consulting/Advisor Retainer

Business & Personal Coach

Process Improvement Consultant


Podcast/Video Production

Motivational Speaking & Seminars

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