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Peter Strayer

Peter Strayer is a master communicator, entrepreneur, strategist and marketing consultant.  For over 25 years, he has worked with iconic global brands as well as dynamic, cutting-edge start-ups.

His leadership experience combines unique acumen in a diversity of industries. Because of this, Pete brings an expansive pallet of strategic perspectives and insights to his coaching and consulting clients; ensuring the conditions for growth, personal development and business success.

He is a Chief Marketing Officer, former Director of Public Relations, Senior Marketing Strategist and Business Administrator with iconic companies such as Gibson Guitar, Fortune 500 titan General Dynamics and global biohacking pioneers OsteoStrong. 

As a highly-sought strategist and consultant, Pete's roster of clients includes leading companies in sectors including: Food & Beverage, Arts & Entertainment, Health and Wellness, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Government Contracting, Non-Profits and Philanthropic enterprises.

Altavana Insights is Peter's coaching and business publishing company.


Peter and his wife of 23 years have two children and live in middle Tennessee.

Peter Strayer

Consultant, Creative, Coach & Mastermind Group Leader

With personal coaching programs such as PHRONESIS™, C-SWEET and HABITS of BALANCE, Peter has become a innovative and increasingly influential voice in the crowded field of life and business gurus.


His original programs combine unique insights  designed to become rooted in personal and business practice.  Due to high demand, there is limited availability for Peter's coaching and Mastermind groups. Please inquire as to the next start dates. Until then, we will be happy to add you to his waiting list.

Peter Strayer is the author of numerous articles and the series Phronesis, The Powers of Ten, Altar Ego, Inner Idols of Business and The Command of Communication.

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