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Connecting Precedes Convincing™

The single most important factor in business success is the ability to effectively communicate. Dreams and ideas come to nothing without communication. Effective leaders realize communication is far more than words, numbers and symbols. Anyone can learn facts, platitudes and become "educated" in business.  However, few are brave enough to recognize the criticality and importance of the ability to connect emotionally - with empathy -  at every level of your business. It's time to leverage a more positive and pure form of influence. Pete Strayer's ALTAR EGO™ leads you through an inspiring and powerful journey combining business acumen and the 4 indispensable communication traits of a full-spectrum leader. Transformative growth awaits. Start now.

Develop a habit of balance. 

Sustainability, in terms of business "success", hinges on the less-glamourous elements of the one's inner world, where convictions and value systems combine in thought habits, which then manifest externally in business and relationships. One would never build upon a weak or crooked foundation, where the higher the achievements, the more likely a breakdown. Peter will take you on a journey to find and develop your place of personal and strategic business equilibrium in Habit of Balance. This 12-week course will focus on the process of combining insight, information, understanding and bold application as manifested in a business and personal context.

Incite • Inform • Inspire










The Journey

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Success: living 

beyond numbers.

Phronesis has been defined as "virtue exercised in the practical domain." Business leaders and successful entrepreneurs have a combination of exemplary skills. However, there's a set of overlooked intangibles, which make the difference in nearly every important business and life decision. This is to understand the Power of Personal Metrics ™ and to arrive via the practice of PHRONESIS. In this insightful and challenging program, Pete Strayer will guide you through the toll gates of business and self-awareness. You will discover and develop a personal set of KPI's illuminating your best self and bringing out the best in others. Break through your barriers and reach new heights.

Be transformed, starting within.


Peter Strayer

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